Sunday, July 5, 2020


This week I had some experiences in shepherding some of my writings on the road to publication.  On Monday, I got a letter from a journal accepting a poem I had written, with a question about a word in another poem.  This editor has done this a couple of times, and when I've either explained why I used a particular word or changed it she's always then published my poem. So perhaps I'll have two published.
The bigger event was receiving an email from a book publisher about the book I've written on marriage. They declined the book, and I gave myself about an hour to feel disappointed.  Then I thought about how I had decided that if this publisher rejected the book, I would go the self-publishing route.  So I sent off an email to the publisher that I had been most impressed by, and five minutes later, they called me, and contrary to my usual practice of procrastination and perfectionism, I went over the questions I had and the various packages they offered, and when I understood what I wanted, I signed the contract.  So many people have been asking how soon my book would be available that I decided it was more important to get it out soon rather than let it languish waiting for a traditional publisher to pick it up.  So now I am reading and taking notes on the various pieces of information they are sending to me, as well as printing out advice from another self-publisher.  That included a timeline if I want to be able to sell the book by Christmas, which I do, so I am starting to organize files, and I've ordered a variety of collections of Post-it Notes in all different colors so I can write the different tasks that need to be done. Normally I would see all these things as not as interesting as the actual writing of the book, which is already finished, but now I am plunging into this with a sense of adventure and excitement.  
Then another batch of Post-it Note collections arrived, and I found a lovely box where they all fit, so I can easily choose a note from Bali, Bora Bora, Cape Town, Miami, Marrakesh or Jaipur!  It seems silly that so many different colors of Post-it Notes could make me so happy,
but I'm trying to appreciate the little things as well as organize what I want to do.  Getting my book tasks in order springboarded me to organize my file of poetry including the poems that are out with a journal or a contest, and the poems that have been declined that I can send to another place.  I cleared off most of my desk, vacuumed part of the house, and cleaned off a shelf in the refrigerator. One task accomplished seems to be catapulting me into several others, and it is an exhilarating feeling!

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