Tuesday, December 18, 2018


During the summer, I listened to a series of podcasts on Productivity for Perfectionists curated by Deborah Hurwitz with a potpourri of speakers, including the Getting Things Done guru, David Allen. After a call with Deborah, I decided to sign on for her Mission Accomplished Group Coaching program in order to learn to use many of the tools she had introduced in the podcasts. 

I began on the day that my neighbor and I had gone out for our usual hour walk in the morning, which ended dramatically as we were almost home, and she slipped on a small patch of gravel and fell. I rushed the last block home to get the car so I could bring her back to her house, but when I returned she was in so much pain she told me I would need to call 911.  I stayed with her at the hospital all morning until an xray revealed that she had broken her femur in a lot of pieces and smashed her knee (which she had done about 25 years earlier) and would need to have surgery that night.  I gave her my phone to call her husband who was out of town, and her parents who live out of state to let them know what had happened.  It will be a long recovery for her, but she is determined to get back to walking with me once she is completely healed--only we will become mall walkers for safety's sake!

So I missed the first live call of the program, but they are all recorded so I was able to listen to it later. 

One of the things that has been really helpful is that the group of 8 which I am in calls us to accountability, to record each day what we have actually done to move toward our goals and to think about what we want to create with our lives.  On the very first day, I got a submission ready for one of the poetry journals that has published my poetry in the past, and I completed the final edit on my last chapter of my book, Spectacular Marriage: 10 Ways to Divorce Proof Your Marriage. That very night, I received an email from a friend who is an Archbishop saying that he would write a foreword for my book if I would pray that he would find the time and inspiration to do it.  That is a done deal!

And I hope to use this space to record the journey--at times dizzying--that I have been on as my creativity is engaged with my struggles with grief as well as procrastination--it has turned into a fascinating if challenging path.