Monday, January 1, 2018


I've just completed Michael Hyatt's Five Days to Your Best Year Ever course for 2018, set my goals for the coming year, and now I just need to fill in the next action step for each goal.

One of my goals was not to become a more regular blogger, though there is a goal about writing more regularly and getting at least one of the books I've finished published.  

But because I'm a writer and want to get back to writing more regularly than I have been, I wanted to start the new year with a blog entry--especially as I see it has been a long time since I published one.

I love the full moon, and check my calendar every month so that I don't miss it--and even wrote a poem on full moons recently.  When my son and I were looking at the moon last night, I wanted to see when in January it will rise; I learned that it will appear today, and then again on the 31st.  Tonight it will be categorized as a supermoon, though with the naked eye we will probably not be able to tell that it will appear larger and brighter than any other moon this year.  Imagine it as a subtle New Year's light show, far less spectacular than the fireworks in London last night, but a scene which we have done nothing to prepare, and only have to enjoy, wherever we are in the world.  And we can enjoy it twice in January, though then February will be even bleaker than usual, without a full moon at all!

Here is the poem:


Yearning to see the full moon rise

I could only glimpse its golden glow
through black branches of trees
crossed outside my window.

I couldn’t remember what our son

called it when he was little
—dazzled by its radiant roundness—
and you have gone
around the moon’s silent curve
tangled in charcoal-brittle
sketches, no breath of breeze,
no torn scrap of fondness
from six months of goodbyes
leaving me with no answers,
a distant, tattered lunar portrait
shading into a luminous vignette.

Perhaps the luminous vignette of the supermoon will be a 
harbinger of light rising in my life!

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