Saturday, September 17, 2016


My last blog post was on the happiness I found, even in the cemetery, after we bought some new planters and filled them with flowers for my husband's grave.  I thought they were heavy enough that no one would just walk off with them.  I hadn't been up to the cemetery for a few days, and when I came today I discovered that two of the larger planters had been taken, and mud was all over the grave stone.  I was so stunned I just sat and looked at the mess and felt like crying.

When I looked around, I saw that the pot I had brought up to put on the grave of the serviceman which is next to my husband's was also missing, as was the planter on the grave of my friend's husband, a few rows away.  There was more mud on several other graves that I had been cleaning and I realized that someone had backed a truck in over the graves so they could easily load the planters and pots they wanted and make off with them.

What kind of person would do this?  Who would steal flowers from a grave that holds the remains of someone who is loved and grieved?  How can someone increase the sorrow of those who have lost a loved one by taking the plants from the cemetery which were put there in remembrance of them?

I cleaned off my husband's stone, and set the remaining planters in some sort of order around it, but there was no joy in my heart as I did it, and I wondered if the other planters would be left or the thieves would be back to complete their haul.  I felt vulnerable and helpless, and asked the Lord who protects the widow and orphan to be with me in my distress.

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