Saturday, January 9, 2016


I just finished my first official 5K.  It was a walk in support of the Lost Boys of Sudan, some of whom our pastor has been helping for a number of years.  When he came to our parish, he included it in our Works of Mercy ministry.  I walked with our choir director and several choir members, and the time flew by.

However, I know I once walked a lot farther than a 5K when I visited friends who live in Northern California in a town that has an extensive trail system.  Louise and I set off along the trail, which is paved and goes through beautiful areas of town, and since we hadn't been together for a long time, we walked and talked until the summer sun was high in the sky, and Louise realized we were a long way from her home.  I told her we could just turn around and return the way we came, but she began to bewail the fact that she never walked that far, and she'd never be able to walk all the way back, and she should have noticed how far we were going and now what on earth could we do?  It was before we had cell phones, but I really didn't think it would be too difficult to retrace our steps.  I tried to make light of the situation, convinced that if we just set off and started talking, the way home would seem almost as quick as the miles we'd already covered, but just as we were crossing one of the streets, a friend of hers drove by and offered us a ride, which Louise gratefully accepted.  I teased her for not being tough enough to walk with me, she jokingly accused me of being a cruel taskmaster to her friend, and we returned to her house in comfort.

I know that walk took a lot longer than the 5K I walked today, but before the idea of a "5K" seemed daunting.  Now that I know I can do it, becoming more fit seems like an accessible goal.  I already walk almost an hour every Tuesday with my neighbor across the street; find an entertaining walking companion and you can go far!

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