Friday, July 24, 2015


It's interesting that the first mention in my high school journal of one of the boys in AP English class was that he was "really great, so considerate."  The very next day, I mentioned that he was "really going all-out to make me feel welcome--not because of any great interest in me, but because he is by nature considerate."  I remember that he was our basketball star, yet he seemed down-to-earth and accepted with grace the ribbing of several of his classmates who seemed to pepper everyone in their circle with ongoing sarcastic comments.

In October, my mother called his mother to see if I could get a ride with him to school for a bus to a Shakespeare play we were going to see for AP English.  Of course, I was mortified and terrified he would think I was forward, but in fact he was one of the first to get his driver's license and he took several other students as well.  He was outgoing and easy to talk to, and seemed perfectly delighted to drive a station wagon full of seniors to and from school.  

I didn't stay in touch with him after we graduated, but when my beloved husband died, the first thing I saw when I went to the funeral home for the viewing, was a stunning bouquet of yellow roses on the table with the guest book.  When I read the gift card, I was amazed to read that it was from this friend from high school.  That touched me so deeply and confirmed that my first impression of him as considerate was true; kindness was essential to his character and expressed itself in a tangible gesture that left an indelible impression on me over forty years after we had last seen him.  

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