Sunday, November 30, 2014



I had every intention of posting before Thanksgiving, but when I tried to get on to start blogging, I discovered that somehow I no longer had the password I needed.  I think that in resetting it, I also messed up the new passwords for my business, so in all that dithering over my dilemma, I never did get around to the blog.  I keep resolving that I will post more frequently, but I think I need to set a certain time to blog or it won't happen more than once a month or so.  In addition, I went to get cash, and when I went to enter the pin number, the machine rejected it twice, even though I picked one I could remember and entered it very carefully.  Of course I was steaming as I drove home with no money and only as I pulled onto our street did I remember that I now have another card for my business and was undoubtedly using the right pin number with the wrong card!

It has been a busy month, as my partner and I have been getting our website set up, fixed, improved, fixed some more, and finally launched.  It has been exciting to see it live (as well as behind the scenes as we work on it).  We received some wonderful feedback on ways to make it more user friendly, and we have been tinkering with those ideas.  But my most exciting moment was when my son Gilbert was leaving to go work on an app with his friend who has a website that is truly awe-inspiring.  Gil came back in from the car, and told me that his friend had said he really liked my website, and then Gil added that he also thought it was pretty amazing and that he was proud of me for starting a business in my 60s and of how much I had learned about using the graphics program on my business and that now I know more about computers than he does!  Coming from a 22 year old male, that is high praise!  And one more reason to be truly thankful!