Monday, December 9, 2013


My oldest daughter, Elizabeth, had called me a few days ago after talking with our third daughter, Theresa.  She had mainly called to see how Theresa was doing with her brand new baby, George (quite a surprise after her four girls!), and learned that as Theresa was returning from the airport after dropping off her mother-in-law, her minivan had broken down in Minnesota's delightful 6 degree weather, her two year old had no shoes, and she had to carry both the little one and the baby in the car seat to a fast food place until the tow truck came.  They were hoping that it would be a minor repair, but no--the car needs a new transmission, and it's their only vehicle.  Elizabeth told Theresa she would pray for pennies from heaven (it would need to be quite a few pennies), but after she hung up she wondered where on earth they would come from.

Then she remembered that she had been talking to me about some stock shares that are scheduled to come in from my husband's former employer.  I had no idea that they were coming, and had been talking to Elizabeth about all the faxes and notarized documents involved, and I had just found out about how much it would be.  Elizabeth called me back to tell me what  had happened to Theresa, and she said it struck her that because my husband had arranged this all the year he retired but that now they were heading my way, perhaps I could use them towards the transmission.  When I called Theresa to find out how much it would be, it turned out to be the amount I will be receiving on the shares.  When I told her that I would send her the check for that amount, she burst into tears, and of course I did, too. My dear husband had sent just the right amount of pennies from heaven; he is still watching over us and showering us with his love.

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