Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Feeling light within, I walk.
                                    --Navajo Night Chant

This line, again from Healing after Loss by Martha Whitmore Hickman, has stayed with me for a month, like an echo in the back of my mind.  The reconstruction is continuing to be time-consuming, as well as all the preparations for Christmas, the chaos and loveliness of Thanksgiving, dealing with financial issues, and dental ones (but that is for another blog).
Today I see my confessor, and then have my French horn lesson, and after that, Holy Hour.  In between I have several phone calls to make, and the piles are accumulating around my desk in the little study where I am often camped out.  But yesterday, my reconstruction agent and my son (with a little help from me at the very end) got the first part of the floor down in my new office, in the nook under the stairs where the file cabinets will go, and I could begin to see that one day soon I will be able to work in there!

But the light within is not just rejoicing at my ability to have more room to work and get my business going.  It is also the sense that I am alight within, God is walking within me, at times carrying me, and giving me the strength and hope to keep walking forward, knowing my beloved husband is watching over me and praying with me as I listen for the voice of God which is light and love.

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