Monday, November 18, 2013


It seemed as if wasn't very long ago that I had decided to post every day, or almost every day, and when I finally went to post today, I discovered that it had been nearly a month since my last post.  I don't know that any huge change has happened.  We're still moving forward with reconstruction, although we are in a pause now since my reconstruction agent had surgery last Thursday on her jaw and she has to recover from that before she can bend down and start the flooring.  

Before that, though, she and my son installed two table tops in the grandchildren's' room and there is now room put out many of the Playmobil setups.  One has the elaborate dollhouse and the other is a fantasy of castles.  Each of the four pirate and Viking ships has its own shelf.  And I have been gradually assembling the little people and animals in their own setups--a dream come true at last!  I'm not sure the grandkids will ever get in there!

In addition, all the painting is finished in the areas affected by the flood.  The bedroom is now a beautiful yellow and the bathroom is a light blue,  faux finished with a teal mixed especially by my reconstruction agent (in her capacity as designer).  Both colors bring out the various plants and flowers in the new mural that hangs like a window looking out on the ocean in the vicinity of Laguna Beach.

And in the family room, we now have the amazing mural painted by her husband which used the blue waters of Aguas Azules in Mexico as its launching pad, with various 3D additions.  When the reconstruction is finished, we are planning a grand unveiling of the mural, open house, and the official launch of my greeting card business.  

As part of my preparation, I signed up for the Great Work MBA, the brainchild of Michael Bungay Stanier, which occupied a great deal of last week, with seven talks each day from different speakers who filled my head with so many ideas it's a wonder it hasn't burst!  I am working through all the various innovations I wrote down and this week I am starting to put them into action.  But I already began the first.  Eric Klein suggested connecting something you want to develop into a habit to something you already do every day, like brushing your teeth.  And although I already practice my French horn every day, it is something I usually come to reluctantly though I enjoy it once I am past my first exercises.  So I have decide to launch into my horn exercises as soon as I have made my to-do list first thing in the morning, and that has been very energizing.  And since I have made my list and even written my blog, I will now hop off and begin my practice!

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