Saturday, November 23, 2013


I've now celebrated the twenty-first birthday of our youngest.  Our son turned 21 on Tuesday and spent the day enjoying all the free offers he found.  He went to Boomer's and played all the games for free, got a free steak at one of the steak houses in town, and ended up with free ice cream at an ice cream place.  One of his friends who was already twenty-one gave him a six pack of hard lemonade and a bottle of rum with mango liqueur.  When he got home, he had one of the lemonades before he went to bed, since he had to get up early for class the next morning.  

Last night, I took him with two of his friends to Benihana, which was his choice for his birthday dinner. It was quite a production, with flying silverware (but not knives) and food cooked to order in front of us.  Everything was delicious, none of us had anything alcoholic to drink since three of us were driving, and the fourth wasn't old enough, and we all got home safely.  It was a great way to celebrate!

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