Saturday, October 19, 2013


It seems appropriate that as our reconstruction and renovation is picking up speed and resulting in finished rooms, I am experiencing renewal in our family.  Two daughters are now pregnant (one is due in November, and the other was just given a due date of May 25, which was our wedding anniversary).
I have started practicing my French horn in my new office, which has no curtains or flooring, and as a result the acoustics are extraordinary.  My reconstruction agent likes me to practice where she can hear me, and I love the much richer sound.  It is encouraging to be playing and even my scales and exercises sound fabulous!  

And our son, who began classes at John Paul the Great Catholic University this month, has become more and more enthused and energized as he has taken his first classes, particularly Entrepreneurial Thinking.  His professors are inspiring and all of them are involved in the areas they teach.  Yesterday he went to a meeting about the Do School, which helps the entrepreneurial business students actually build a business, and when he came home he was more excited than I have seen him about anything since his first day of Little League baseball when a smile lit up his face for the entire practice session.  
I remember when we first began working with the President of the University as he described his vision for the school, and my dear husband, a Harvard man, told me he didn't think that college should be a vocational school.  I argued that there were students who wanted this kind of education, and why shouldn't they have a good Catholic college where they could get it.  He ultimately saw the vision that the President had and I am sure that now, from his vantage point in heaven, he is thankful for the hours and the money that he poured into it, so it is there at the time when our son is ready truly to get an education in the way that he can benefit the most.

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