Thursday, October 17, 2013


Before the second flood, I was determined to post much more frequently, but the pace of life has picked up even more than before.  With my reconstruction agent's powerful fan, we were able to get the newly soaked carpet dried out, once she had cut out the soaked mat underneath.  It was already slated to be replaced as a result of the first flood, so we just rolled it back down, moved the furniture into a pleasing arrangement on top of it, and I was ready to greet my daughter Catherine's godparents who came to visit over the weekend.  They were impressed with the purple walls and new lighting in what will be my office, as well as the closet with its layered shades of lilac and purple and the little stenciled birds, and they approved of the new "Grandkids' Room" (formerly just a storage space without even flooring) which was painted with two shades of "Oops Paint" we got on sale.  What previously had barely enough room to turn around, and was home to boxes and boxes of stuff is now a beautiful bedroom with a comfortable bed, a bookcase with many of the favorite children's books, and it will have an area for the Playmobil castles and another area for the dollhouse so that the older grandkids can play up there without our having to worry that one of the smaller grandkids will come in and tear out pages of books or eat the small Playmobil pieces.  What was even more amazing after the painting was done was that a picture my mother had hung in her kitchen of my beloved bluebonnets in a field in Texas has exactly the shades of blue and pale green that we used in that room, so it will now hang over the bed there.  There is a beautiful wood laminate floor laid over the plywood, and it is astonishing to all of us that the storage space has become a beautiful room with an aura of comforting tranquillity.

Catherine's godparents treated us to dinner at the Indian restaurant my son has been raving about for months, and we discovered that in fact he is will known there.  The owner came out and greeted us and said he was delighted that our son had finally brought other people besides his girlfriend.  It is a beautiful restaurant with delicious food and a lovely atmosphere, and our friends were given a very nice discount as well.  On Sunday morning after Mass, we went to a champagne brunch at another great restaurant, and then came back to the house and visited until they had to leave for the airport.  One of their sons, who was our godson, died of leukemia several years ago, and our journeys through the valley of grief have drawn us even closer because there are so many things we understand in common and don't have to explain.

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