Sunday, September 29, 2013


I've spent the past two days going back and forth to our son's new university as he has gotten registered and we've been oriented.  I have been oriented, too, for although this is our sixth child to start at a new college, with every other college entrance, my husband was at the helm, paying the fees, checking their books and schedule, and making sure they were set.  Now, I am the one in charge, learning (with my oldest daughter's help) how to fill out a FAFSA and navigate the rough waters of financing an education at a private university.  This was not in our budget when my husband became ill, since our son had chosen community college, but now everything is different.

Today, however,  he is finishing up his job, and I have the rest of the day to myself, and I am trying to get things done and get ready for another onslaught of reconstruction tomorrow.  I am going back to David Allen's Getting Things Done to try to reorganize what I can and see how much I can accomplish when left to myself.  I have discovered that it is almost impossible to carry out my organizing resolutions when I am also trying to run the house and oversee the reconstruction.

I came home Friday and discovered that my reconstruction agent and my son had dismantled and emptied out the storage room that had been a collection point for everything left over, as well as Christmas decorations, a vast Playmobil set up, and a bed.  We have the flooring ready to go, and I was convinced to get some paint for the walls since they have become marked and dingy over the 28 years since our addition was built.  I chose a blue named for the Canadian town where we vacationed after our fourth daughter's wedding, and when we begin transforming that room, I will really believe that we are finally moving forward!

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