Monday, August 26, 2013


"Feeling light within, I walk."
                                 --Navajo Night Chant

This was another quote I discovered in Martha Whitmore Hickman's helpful book, Healing after Loss. Until very recently, I was conscious of that light within as I moved forward into the next chapter of my life, dealing with things like finances that I had not taken care of since very early in our marriage, and with the flood and its aftermath.  But Saturday night, as I told my oldest daughter who was visiting with her family from LA, I felt as if the light had dwindled to a faint flicker. 

The mess from the flood was still there, although our reconstruction agent and her husband had finished tiling and grouting the laundry room and half bath, so I could see the first glimmer of progress.  But when we moved the desk from the study upstairs, I had just put everything from the desk in boxes, which cluttered up the study, which is a small room, and wherever I looked, there were things to be done.  So my daughter suggested that she help me go through the boxes, decide what to get rid of and move the rest next door to a closet where it could be dealt with later.  I got mostly caught up with my finances, and by the end of the day when they left, and I cleaned up the kitchen and vacuumed the floors, the light was flaming higher, and I knew I could keep walking forward on the path that lies ahead.

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