Thursday, August 29, 2013


Yesterday, after looking in vain for an underwater mural for the bathroom under reconstruction (well, we found two we liked, but when we compared them to the things we already have in there, they were too blue), I headed off to the ear doctor to get a tube put in the ear that has been blocked for over 4 months.  I'd had tubes in both ears before, when I was constantly dealing with sinus and ear infections, and this was an alternative to sinus surgery, which would have been more invasive.  Being a natural wimp, and very sensitive to pain, I was nervous about it, but this doctor used a different anesthetic (which didn't require a huge needle) and although it burned, it didn't seem as bad as the last time. However, he did decide to suction out all the fluid in there.  That was a challenge, since his suctioning equipment seemed not to be working, and he and the nurse discussed it at some length, while I lay there wondering if the anesthetic would hold while they fixed the equipment.  Eventually they got it going again, and I was almost sorry they had when they applied it to my ear, and it sounded as if a storm were blowing in there.  When that was mercifully over, it was time for the tube, which also seemed to take a long time with much maneuvering.  At last, that was done, and when I stood up, the doctor said I should notice improved hearing.  I almost asked him to stop shouting, until I realized that my hearing had improved dramatically, and on the way home I kept lowering the air conditioning because it sounded as if a hurricane were driving along with me.  I am gradually becoming accustomed to hearing much more than I had for months, and I am very grateful for my new sensitive hearing, but don't try to sneak up on me--unless the air conditioner is running, and then I won't hear anything else!

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