Saturday, August 24, 2013


Life has been such an upheaval that it has been nearly a month since I last posted, much to my dismay.  The flood, which happened June 27, is still a dominant reality in our home.  We waited a long time for the insurance company to indicate how much they would pay for the reconstruction as well as to issue the checks for the asbestos testing and abatement, to argue with the flood drying company about their charges of $11,000, and to finally agree to pay $9,000.  When the check came for the reconstruction costs, I had to mail it to Georgia to the mortgage company to sign it, and then it eventually came back here so I could deposit it and start the work.  My reconstruction agent bought the tile for the laundry room and bathroom and started moving furniture in the main room from what we thought was the dry half to the other half which had been dried only to discover that the carpet mat was wet and moldy under the furniture.  When she removed the baseboard behind the washer and dryer, the wallboard was also wet there.  I put a call into my insurance agent, who told me to call the adjuster.  We left several calls with him at the beginning of the week, but still have not heard back from him.

We took pictures of the additional damage and have saved the moldy carpet (outside) but just decided we needed to move ahead and do something.  We have to move furniture from one room to another, and decided to go ahead and move some other furniture from downstairs upstairs, as well as getting rid of as many pieces as possible (from when my parents were alive and living with us) just to give us room to work.  Yesterday, my husband's old desk (which in its first life had been my mother's makeup and jewelry dresser) was carried out of the small study, up the stairs, and lifted over the balcony railing to take up new life as my sewing cabinet next to the sewing machine, which I had earlier moved out of the storage room to the little nook where I had had a cot, domain of many comfortable naps.  But now that the sewing machine is accessible, I finished all my mending and have it available for scrapbooking and card embellishing as well.

Then a long table and a smaller table were moved from the flooded area into the study where they hold a new rubber tree plant and two small filing holders for bills and correspondence, again where I can see them easily and keep up with them (I hope).  We discovered that we have 7 filing cabinets in our entire house, in different places, and I got rid of one, and plan to keep only two of the four drawer cabinets, and one double two drawer cabinet, which will all be in another little nook under the stairs, in one place in my new office.  The washer and dryer are standing in the room which will be my office, where they have been since the tiling began. It was finished yesterday, and I hope that early next week I will be able to get caught up with all the laundry piling up since they were moved.  But whatever reconstruction work is involved, large pieces of furniture have to be shoved around from one place to another, and fitted in so that the walls can be painted, the flooring laid, baseboards put down, and the furniture reconfigured differently so that what was my parents' living room and kitchen, then my husband's office, can now become my office with supplies for greeting cards as well as all the files for my writing.   I told my reconstruction agent that it's like living in a Rubik's Cube, and after all the furniture hauling she did yesterday, with help from her husband and my son, she agreed with me.  I am just hoping that the final arrangement will be less difficult to figure out!

And, since my life seems as fragmented as the different panels of the Rubik's Cube, I am planning to post much more regularly, right after I have prioritized my plans for the day, so I am hoping the blog posts will be more frequent, and shorter, and I can report on the gradual transformation of the flood damaged space into a comfortable and efficient office.

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