Thursday, June 13, 2013


As I said goodbye to my oldest daughter and her family tonight, on their way back home, it occurred to me again that I have been abundantly blessed by an extensive support system of family and friends who have been there for me whenever I have needed them, since long before my husband got sick.  This daughter drove down from LA just for two nights to be able to spend time with me as well as to pick up the much-needed car seat-stroller that I first saw in action when I went to Minnesota with my second daughter and her one year old.  She also made my favorite dinner, Cuban Chicken, for me as well as my son, his girlfriend, and a couple from our days with World Wide Marriage Encounter who were coming over to share with me about our Plan for Growth, where we consider our spirituality, family, and (for them) their couple relationship.  It was an evening full of joy as well as happy memories (and extremely good food)!  How very blessed I have been by an extended family and a circle of friends who have stood by me throughout the last difficult year and have helped me to go on to live out "Chapter Two" of my life.

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