Sunday, April 28, 2013

Screen Free Week

After successfully launching the blog on the six month anniversary of my husband's death (with help from our oldest daughter and son-in-law--well, he's not the oldest son-in-law but he is married to our oldest daughter, to be perfectly clear), I came upon a notice in our parish bulletin that this is screen free week.  When it was TV-free week, it was a no-brainer for me, since I stopped watching TV when we had only two daughters, but screen free also means no computer, iPad, and maybe iPhone.  And what about the screen door giving me a panorama of a glorious spring day where three little grandsons and one toddling granddaughter were playing ball and swinging on a swingset very much like the one I had as a child, helping to water the penstemons and hydrangea, narrowly missing me with a variety of balls and swings, until the irruption into our midst of a large flying insect with red wings.  My second daughter and I were busy calling to the children to come look at this new bug (I have been inspired by my reading of Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv, and bought a magnifying glass and pair of tweezers specifically geared toward children's use in the outdoors), when this son-in-law, who is almost always calm and unruffled, suddenly announced in a loudspeaker voice, that we all needed to move indoors because what we were about to inspect was a tarantula wasp (alternately known as a tarantula hawk) because its prey is tarantulas, and it is known to have one of the most painful stings in the world, as well as being one of the ten largest insects in the universe (and here I thought Australia had the lock on those things, or maybe Florida).  And I must confess we used my daughter's notepad with a screen to look up this information.,
 If my husband had been alive, he might have known all this, since he was a veritable walking dictionary and encyclopedia and Catholic Almanac all rolled into one"love note but I have a new and even greater respect for my son-in-law in protecting us from an investigation that might have resulted in excruciatingly painful results.
All this is by way of saying that in order to observe Screen Free Week (and I wonder who decided it?) I will attempt to refrain from posting further on the blog until it is over, since I was intending to  spend the last hour organizing my desk and just putting a quick notice up on the blog lest my readers (who at this point are mostly or exclusively my children) think I have given up one day into my adventure.
The only other foray into Screen World today was in my search for more information on the tarantula wasp when I discovered an email from my fourth daughter sharing her three year old daughter's faith journey since her Papa died.  Their family was in line for Confession, and there was going to be a funeral that evening.  The casket was already there, and little Maria whispered to the lady next to her in line, "My Papa had a funeral, too, but at the end of the world he's going to rise from the dead."  This belief may have prompted her to compose her own song for evening prayers:  "I love you, God, you're such a great guy."
And so He is.

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